Are you a go-getter who only wants the best life has to offer?

What if I told you there was a way to make money in real estate without a license, and without using your own money or credit?

Which of these options describes you. Are you ready to make the move that will get you to a better life most efficiently?

I think I can be a Dealmaker

I am a little hesitant on

jumping out there. I need to move at a much slower place until I’m ready. I want to focus on the FREE ways to wholesale. Sign up for my free webinar to learn more! This course is for you!

I Want to be a Closer

I am able to dedicate a good portion of my schedule to making my dreams come to fruition. I am on the path to financial

stability, and I am ready to jump in! Let's go! This course is for you!

I Want Early Retirement

I want my first deal to happen tomorrow! I can dedicate at least ten hours per week to pursuing my goals. I have the means to put systems in place to make a lot of money each month so I can retire early! This course is for you!

Let me show you my proven step-by-step guide on how to make money in real estate
without using your own money or credit. I will teach you how to make deals!!

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Hey y'all, I’m Tiffany


I am 40 years old, originally from California, but reside in Georgia. I am a wife, daughter, sister, and an aunt. For over 16 years, I was a server and bartender in the hospitality industry. I absolutely LOVED my job. I loved the people, the daily challenges and as a self-

proclaimed chef, of course I loved the food. In 2016, I was involved

in a car accident that left me unable to perform my duties as a server. I could barely stand up for more than 30 minutes. I was devastated. How would I make the same kind of living? Serving tables provided me with the luxury of

working the hours I want, making fast cash and allowed me to

interact with people from all walks of life on a daily basis. I knew I wanted to work in a similar industry that allowed me to use my sales and people skills yet also allowed me the freedom I desired. I was stumped on what that industry could be.

In 2017, a friend suggested wholesaling and it immediately piqued my interest. I began studying and gaining knowledge from a

multitude of sources. I read, watched, and practiced my way into

wholesale bliss. But, I was scared to take that leap of faith into

doing something new that I had absolutely no prior experience with.

I studied for over two years, making plenty of mistakes along the way before ever truly diving in. Two years before I ever picked up the phone to make a call. But, once I did, I was hooked. When I

finally secured my first contract, I knew this was my new hustle. I had found "the one."

I spent many months living out of my car after an eviction and I'm no stranger to serving hard time. I am accustomed to adversity. I had so many odds stacked against me. I went through so many health problems that caused me not to be able to do physical labor, the only kind of jobs I could get. I became depressed, had panic attacks, I was drinking heavily, smoking a ridiculous number of cigars and I had intense insomnia. Without work, my identity was lost. I was unable to pay my bills by myself and I had to rely on my hustling nature in order to survive. Something had to change. I was drowning.

Everything got better for me after I started wholesaling real estate. I started living the life I knew I deserved.

I was able to pay off my debt, pay off my car early and have my dream wedding without using any credit cards

I hired people and have dedicated a large portion of my time to help them make money for themselves

I privately gave away thousands and thousands of dollars to people who needed it the most. I donated money to the homeless, to teachers, to children’s organizations, to my alma mater, and more.

I launched The Wholesale Secret for people who have been in dire situations just like I have. Being homeless, locked up, hungry, and being negative in my account as well as my mindset all humbled me. It gave me the strength to build a course teaching others how to get paid legally and easily so they never have to worry about money again. My goal is to put as many people’s bills on autopay as possible.

Learn about each important piece of the puzzle you need in order to close your first deal. 

From watching me on Facebook or Instagram, I’m sure you understand it has taken several years to figure out how to work the systems turn my losses into profits. This isn’t an overnight, get rich quick scheme. We are out here GRINDING! You need to go hard in order to be successful in this game. But, if you’re anything like me, you know you’re worth it.

I went through the struggles of figuring out how to successfully start wholesaling. I don’t want you to go through the same struggles. With this course, you’ll know for a fact that you’re on the right track!

Why spend hours, weeks and maybe even months searching the internet trying to find someone to help you get into this industry? You can simply learn from a person you know is genuinely a giving person. You know I won’t steer you wrong. No one has money and time to waste. I want everyone to win!

I’m okay with my time being wasted four years ago so that you don’t have to! I’m perfectly fine with wasting money in 2018 so you can avoid the same pitfalls and succeed faster than I did.

I am committed to giving you the ingredients to quickly get to your very first deal!


Are you a natural born salesperson?

Are you a genuine person who people naturally flock to?

Do you want to make money in real estate but have

obstacles in your way?

Have you ever wanted to become a real estate investor but don’t have the capital or credit to get started?

Are you ready to step out on faith and leave your 9-5?

Are you someone who is good at negotiations?

Are you a single parent? Student? Stay at home parent? Are you looking for extra income?

Do you want to stop trading time for money?

Do you always pay close attention to detail?

Have you wanted to obtain a real estate license but

obstacles from your past prevented you from doing so?

Do you constantly think about leaving generational wealth for your family?

Do you feel like you’re supposed to be wealthy and live the life you’ve always dreamed of?

What's Inside The Wholesale Secret?

So glad you asked...

Wholesaling real estate is only effective if you are a legitimate player. You must learn how to formulate a business model that will attract clients instead of pushing them away. Having a legal

business entity will help establish you as a force in this industry.


Learn what I do every single day! I will teach you the basic

principles of wholesaling and how to make money while learning. 


From the basics to full automation, I will show you all the important systems needed in order to run a successful wholesaling



Learn the scripts! I will teach you how to use my gift of gab to get your ideal client and close the deal. 


Our main objective is to get in front of the person we’re trying to work with. This is how you win! Learn the art of making an

appointment and what happens next after you do!


This module shows you how to make the perfect offer and secure an offer from the other side of the transaction as well. Your

ultimate goal is to have all parties accept! Let me show you how I do this with confidence and ease!


Your number one best friend in this wholesaling game is your end buyer. You will need to know how to form long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with the buyers in your area.


This is the best part of this whole process! There’s no place like the closing table! This step-by-step instruction will teach you how to get here fast!

"I've heard it all before. There are so many courses like this. What’s so special about this one?"

Actually, you can choose any course on wholesaling and I’m sure you can learn everything you need.

However, you won’t ever find a course that was designed to make your success virtually effortless. You’ll never find an instructor who is just as happy about your wins as she is about her own. You won’t find a course that gives you so much access without charging you tens of thousands of dollars. So, yes, you can take any of the other courses, but why would you waste so much time and money to learn the same principles with no way of implementing them successfully?


The Wholesale Secret

Yes, you can treat this as a Self-Study DIY Course, BUT-- You MUST be ready to work!

This course includes slides, PowerPoints, as well pre-recorded

material to help you learn how to wholesale real estate and get to your first deal. You control how you learn. While this is true, you must have the drive and tenacity to make the system work. If you don't have several hours a week to dedicate to your business, this may not be the course for you.



8-week Live Training Course

on Teachable, Facebook Live and Zoom

Learn the art of wholesaling real estate

Private Facebook group with peer-to-peer support,

Accountability partners, guest speakers and the occasional FB Live by your instructor.

Important real estate tips, tools, and tricks that can be used to put you ahead of the game

How to properly structure your business model

Use your personality to drive potential sellers to your pipeline

Zoom meetings once a week with your instructor

Plus more!




See your instructor LIVE in action! Watch as I go out into the field to work my deals.

Listen as I make my calls!

Yes, I'm talking about REAL time recording sessions showing you step-by-step how wholesaling is done

Are you ready to become a real estate investor? Do you want to learn more? Watch the FREE webinar here!!